Over the last year, we have taken the time to reflect and celebrate the amazing things God has done in and thru us in the past.  But as we called upon God to reveal to us His plan and His purpose going forward, He began to stir our hearts.  We believe the church has a broad purpose, which is to glorify God by loving Him and by making Him known to the lost world. But what is our specific purpose in this community?  What are we doing to make a difference here?  What would be missing in this community if FBC Cleveland ceased to exist?  God revealed to us that we were going to have to change some of our methods without changing the message.  We realized we had been focused on programs, but not on purpose.

We recognize that God isn’t really concerned with our programs of our church. God didn’t send a program to save humanity…He sent a person. Jesus didn’t die for programs…He died for people like you and me. It wasn’t a program that turned the world upside down during the days of the early church…it was ordinary men and women who had been transformed by an extraordinary Savior.  We want to reach and serve this community like never before.  We want God to transform ordinary people into true followers of Jesus, through the ministries of our church.  We want to build great people so full of the love of Christ, just knowing them leads to knowing Him in a saving way.


To ensure that we continue the work in the direction that God is already moving, we have established certain goals we look to accomplish by the year 2020. 

Serving in the community

By the year 2020, we will be well known in our community as a church that sends and serves.  We will be the hands and feet of Christ in our community and every member will be challenged to serve somewhere outside the walls once a week. 

Sharing Jesus

By 2020, we will become a church where new people continually come to salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Making disciples through small groups

We understand the importance of community in the church and in the Christian life.  By 2020, we will have 250 people plugged into a small community group or Bible study on a weekly basis, with options throughout the week and at various meeting locations. 

Intentionally developing leaders

We will become a church that continually builds new leaders for serving God both inside and outside the church.

Repurposing facilities

By 2020, we will have completed a complete renovation of our Worship Center and will be continuing further campus improvements in accordance with the master plan that enables our church to further our mission in this community. 

Growing a diverse membership

By 2020, we will reach 300 in average worship attendance, with a representation that more accurately reflects our community.  The goals of growing and increasingly diverse attendance aren’t actually the point, but both would be compelling signs that we are beginning to reach people for Christ in a consistent and effective way. If we are truly reaching our community, the demographic makeup of our congregation will also change...and we believe that would be something to celebrate.

we've changed...He hasn't